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Upgraded Motor Control / Industrial Networking Kit based on ZedBoard

Avnet Electronics Marketing already produces an Analog Devices intelligent drives kit for motor control and industrial networking development that’s used in a variety of settings, including industrial automation, smart energy, medtech, and embedded systems. The company recently announced a kit update, which has been released as the Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC/Analog Devices Intelligent Drives Kit II (ZIDK-II).
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Opsero Quad-gigabit Ethernet FMC released

The Opsero quad-gigabit Ethernet FMC has been released. This FMC provides access to four additional Ethernet PHYs. The initial release includes example designs for ZedBoard, showing how to connect the 2nd PS Ethernet PS Controller with three PL AXI Ethernet Controllers, or how to connect four PL AXI Ethernet Controllers. For more information, see

MicroZed Chronicles Free E-book Released

Adam Taylor has released an E-book covering all of his MicroZed Chronicles articles over the past year. Of course, the Avnet MicroZed is the centerpiece of his material. Thanks, Adam! We appreciate the great material.

Zynq development board comparison

Jeff Johnson at has put together a very nice comparison of several Zynq development boards, SOMs, and a motherboard. Take a look at